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Published by: Indian Academy of Sciences and Current Science Association

Subjects: General Science

The Current Science is a Science Journal cum Magazine started in 1932. It is published by Current Science Association in collaboration with the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore. The monthly issue of current science have articles related to all science disciplines and general views about science and scientific community/development. Views about current scientific developments are published in defferent sections viz. news, research news, opinions, correspondence, commentory and technical notes. Research articles are published as scientific correspondence, general articles, review articles, research accounts, research articles and research communications. Notes on latest books are published in Books review section.Time to time special issues of this journal are published which contains articles on a selected/particluar theme or subject area.


Current Science,
C.V. Raman Avenue,
P.B. 8001,
Bangalore 560 080,

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In this issue

Guest Editorial: The myth of falling standards: a lifelong counter-experience — By Arunan, E.

Correspondence: The Kedarnath disaster: in search of scientific reasoning — By Bandyopadhyay, Sunando; Kar, Nebendu Sekhar

Correspondence: Women and depeasantization — By Sangar, Sunita

Correspondence: Better approaches for ailing Indian healthcare system — By Miraj, Shaima Ali

Correspondence: The dilemma of quality publication and its benefits in India — By Ali, Sharique A.

News: The Malin mud avalanche tragedy of 30 July 2014 – time to ask the right questions — By Bhandari, R. K.

News: Discovery of the most distant lensing galaxy — By Punyakoti, G. V.

News: Taking science to the public — By Malhotra, Richa; Herlekar, Ipsita

Opinion: The diclofenac ban is helping vulture conservation; what further pharmaceutical threats loom ahead? — By Dama, Madhukar

Commentary: Several major chemical literature information resources and their retrieval methods — By Mei, Xin-Ya

Scientific Correspondence: Inflorescence architecture and staminal movement as contrivance measures in reproductive assurance and survival of Valeriana jatamansi Jones (=Valeriana wallichii DC) — By Rather, Aabid M.; Nawchoo, Irshad A.; Ganie, Aijaz H.; Wani, Aijaz H.

Scientific Correspondence: Recurrent outbreaks of hypoglycaemic encephalopathy in Muzaffarpur, Bihar — By Shah, Arun; Jacob John, T.

General Articles: The social–ecological web: a bridging concept for transdisciplinary research — By Betz, Lydia; Kunze, Isabelle; Prajeesh, Parameswaran; Suma, T. R.; Padmanabhan, Martina

General Articles: Second urbanization in Gujarat — By Kumaran, R. N.

General Articles: Signatures of very severe cyclonic storm Phailin in met–ocean parameters observed by moored buoy network in the Bay of Bengal — By Venkatesan, R.; Mathew, Simi; Vimala, J.; Latha, G.; Arul Muthiah, M.; Ramasundaram, S.; Sundar, R.; Lavanya, R.; Atmanand, M. A.

Review Articles: Are pre-seismic ULF electromagnetic emissions considered as a reliable diagnostics for earthquake prediction? — By Shrivastava, Abhishek

Review Articles: Adsorption–desorption of heavy metal ions — By Mishra, S. P.

Research Articles: Characterization of subglacial pathways draining two tributary meltwater streams through the lower ablation zone of Gangotri glacier system, Garhwal Himalaya, India — By Pottakkal, Jose George; Ramanathan, Alagappan; Singh, Virendra Bahadur; Sharma, Parmanand; Farooq Azam, Mohd.

Research Articles: Reassessment of the distribution and threat status of the Western Ghats endemic bird, Nilgiri Pipit Anthus nilghiriensis — By Robin, V. V.; Vishnudas, C. K.; Ramakrishnan, Uma

Journal information submitted by: Bhupender Singh

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