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Published by: Indian Academy of Sciences and Current Science Association

Subjects: General Science

The Current Science is a Science Journal cum Magazine started in 1932. It is published by Current Science Association in collaboration with the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore. The monthly issue of current science have articles related to all science disciplines and general views about science and scientific community/development. Views about current scientific developments are published in defferent sections viz. news, research news, opinions, correspondence, commentory and technical notes. Research articles are published as scientific correspondence, general articles, review articles, research accounts, research articles and research communications. Notes on latest books are published in Books review section.Time to time special issues of this journal are published which contains articles on a selected/particluar theme or subject area.


Current Science,
C.V. Raman Avenue,
P.B. 8001,
Bangalore 560 080,

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In this issue

Guest Editorial: The magic of automated recognition of handwriting — By Ramakrishnan, A. G.

Correspondence: Are our all research journals scholarly and peer reviewed? — By Singh, Anil

Correspondence: What constitutes a successful institutionalized education? — By Ramakrishnan, Vigneshwar

Correspondence: Attracting undergraduate students to scientific research: limited openings in national laboratories — By Lavakare, P. J.

Correspondence: Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize: an inspiration for international recognitions — By Singh, Inderpal; Luthra, Rajesh

News: Open data in education and research — By Mujoo Munshi, Usha; Verma, Neeta

News: Field Workshop on the Marwar Supergroup — By Pandey, S. K.; Dimri, Bandana

News: Indian Physics Association Awards — By Sheth, Parul R.

Research News: New life for old soiled banknotes — By Srinivasan, C.; Saraswathi, R.

Opinion: Thwarting changing land use – a step towards Ganga rejuvenation — By Sharma, Shikkha; Agrawal, Madhoolika

Commentary: The culture of environmental education: insights from a citizen science experiment in India — By Radhakrishna, Sindhu; Binoy, V. V.; Kurup, Anitha

Commentary: Exploration for rare earth elements in North East India — By Singh, Harbans; Sadiq, Mohd.; Sharma, B. B.

Scientific Correspondence: MineVue radar for delineation of abandoned mine galleries — By Singh, K. K. K.; Francke, Jan

Scientific Correspondence: Time-course expression of soluble acid invertase (SAI) gene mirroring post-harvest cane quality deterioration: effective treatments cause reduction of SAI gene expression — By Chandra, Amaresh; Roopendra, Kirti; Singh, Priyanka; Jain, Radha; Prajapati, C. P.; Solomon, Sushil

Scientific Correspondence: Transformation of colourful pattern of eyespot in peacock wing — By Mishra, Monalisa

General Articles: A simple wage–talent curve illustrates several aspects of higher technical education — By Chatterjee, Anindya

General Articles: Can post offices of rural India be the driver for agricultural technology dissemination? Experiences of action research — By Dubey, S. K.; Burman, R. R.; Sharma, J. P.; Vijayaragavan, K.; Sangeetha, V.; Singh, Ishwari; Gupta, H. S.

Review Articles: The uncertainty relations in quantum mechanics — By Sen, D.

Research Articles: Comparison study of dimensionally stable anodes for degradation of chlorpyrifos in water — By Pathiraja, Gayani Chathurika; Jayathilaka, Pavithra Bhakthi; Weerakkody, Chandima; Karunarathne, Parakrama; Nanayakkara, Nadeeshani

Journal information submitted by: Bhupender Singh

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