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Published by: Indian Academy of Sciences and Current Science Association

Subjects: General Science

The Current Science is a Science Journal cum Magazine started in 1932. It is published by Current Science Association in collaboration with the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore. The monthly issue of current science have articles related to all science disciplines and general views about science and scientific community/development. Views about current scientific developments are published in defferent sections viz. news, research news, opinions, correspondence, commentory and technical notes. Research articles are published as scientific correspondence, general articles, review articles, research accounts, research articles and research communications. Notes on latest books are published in Books review section.Time to time special issues of this journal are published which contains articles on a selected/particluar theme or subject area.


Current Science,
C.V. Raman Avenue,
P.B. 8001,
Bangalore 560 080,

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In this issue

Guest Editorial: Bibliometrics – problems and promises — By Prathap, Gangan

Correspondence: Global biodiversity hotspots in India: significant yet under studied — By Chitale, V. S.; Behera, M. D.; Roy, P. S.

Correspondence: The nature of scientific collaboration — By Prathap, Gangan

Correspondence: Forbidding invasive species – a way to attain sustainability of the coastal ecosystem — By Joshi, Himala; Marimuthu, N.

Correspondence: Dual burden of malnutrition and hidden hunger among tribal children of North East India — By Sikdar, Mithun

News: Ecology of plant–animal interactions: pollination, seed dispersal and tritrophic interactions — By Sinu, Palatty Allesh

News: Reconstruction and rehabilitation of disaster-affected landscape of Kedar valley, Uttarakhand — By Maikhuri, R. K.; Dhyani, P. P.; Nautiyal, Annpurna

Research News: Fear finds its niche — By Rani, Sandhya

In Conversation: Srivari Chandrasekhar — By Rani, Sandhya

Commentary: tSermang – a priceless gift to lackadaisical Ladakhis — By Abassi, Amjad Ali; Kaul, Veenu

Commentary: What is scientific thinking? Two cases of problem-solving by some newcomers in science — By Dasgupta, Deepanwita; Levine, Alexander

Scientific Correspondence: Hypothesis of mechanism of thrombocytopenia in severe dengue, providing clues to better therapy to save lives — By Eapen, C. E.; Elias, Elwyn; Goel, Ashish; Jacob John, T.

General Articles: Innovations in attracting the young to the pursuit of science — By Madhu, K. P.; Madhu, Gita; Jha, Vagish

General Articles: Publications in organic chemistry from Indian universities and laboratories in 2011–2013: analysis and some suggestions — By Nagaiah, K.; Srimannarayana, G.

Special Section: Geochemistry: Proterozoic subduction-related and continental rift-zone mafic magmas from the Eastern Ghats Belt, SE India: geochemical characteristics and mantle sources — By Vijaya Kumar, K.; Rathna, K.; Leelanandam, C.

Special Section: Geochemistry: Felsic granites vis-à-vis leucosomes from the Shyok–Darbuk section of the Shyok Suture Zone, eastern Ladakh, India: a geochemical study — By Rameshwar Rao, D.; Daga, Megha M.

Special Section: Geochemistry: Origin of the Mile Tilek Tuff, South Andaman: evidence from 40Ar–39Ar chronology and geochemistry — By Awasthi, Neeraj; Ray, Jyotiranjan S.; Pande, Kanchan

Special Section: Geochemistry: Biomarker signatures of Early Cretaceous coals of Kutch Basin, western India — By Paul, Swagata; Dutta, Suryendu

Special Section: Geochemistry: Fertile farmlands in Cauvery delta: evolution through LGM — By Singh, Pramod; Yadava, M. G.; Ahmad, Malik Z.; Mohapatra, P. P.; Laskar, A. H.; Doradla, S.; Saravanavel, J.; Kumanan, C. J.

Journal information submitted by: Bhupender Singh

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