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Published by: Indian Academy of Sciences and Current Science Association

Subjects: General Science

The Current Science is a Science Journal cum Magazine started in 1932. It is published by Current Science Association in collaboration with the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore. The monthly issue of current science have articles related to all science disciplines and general views about science and scientific community/development. Views about current scientific developments are published in defferent sections viz. news, research news, opinions, correspondence, commentory and technical notes. Research articles are published as scientific correspondence, general articles, review articles, research accounts, research articles and research communications. Notes on latest books are published in Books review section.Time to time special issues of this journal are published which contains articles on a selected/particluar theme or subject area.


Current Science,
C.V. Raman Avenue,
P.B. 8001,
Bangalore 560 080,

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In this issue

Guest Editorial: What ails physics education in the country? — By Srinivasan, R.

Correspondence: Developing sea-watered landscapes: a potential way to reduce stress on freshwater resources — By El-Keblawy, Ali; Bhatt, Aravind; Gairola, Sanjay

Correspondence: Do cover page papers get more citations? — By Verma, Monika; Panwar, Yatish; Mahesh, G.

Correspondence: Rise of Indian science – a bibliometric analysis — By Kumar, Ashwani

News: Development dilemma for the North East Region of India — By Samal, Prasanna K.; Dhyani, P. P.; Sundriyal, R. C.; Kanwal, K. S.

News: Ecosystem monitoring and forest census studies in South Asia — By Marthews, Toby Richard; Nelaballi, Swapna; Ratnam, Jayashree; Sankaran, Mahesh

News: Somatic embryogenesis and bioreactors — By Karun, Anitha; Rajesh, M. K.; Muralikrishna, K. S.

Research News: White dwarfs that crossed the Chandrasekhar limit: can modified Einstein’s theory explain them? — By Punyakoti, G. V.

Commentary: Brain of the genius – Albert Einstein — By Ghosh, Debosree; Parida, Pratap

Opinion: Riparian forests for healthy rivers — By Bhaskar, Avantika; Muthu Karthick, N.

Scientific Correspondence: Performance of SC/ST candidates in qualifying CSIR–UGC National Eligibility Test for JRF to pursue doctoral research — By Hasan, S. A.; Luthra, Rajesh

Scientific Correspondence: A mechanism of self-pollination in Ajuga bracteosa Wallich ex Benth — By Ganie, Aijaz Hassan; Tali, Bilal Ahmad; Nawchoo, Irshad A.; Reshi, Zafar A.

Scientific Correspondence: Platinum-group elements mineralization in the cumulate gabbro of Phenai Mata Complex, Deccan Large Igneous Province, India — By Randive, Kirtikumar; Vijaya Kumar, J.; Korakoppa, Mahesh

Scientific Correspondence: Feral dogs of Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh: an emerging threat for wildlife and human life — By Kumar, Anil; Paliwal, Rahul

Technical Notes: Study of two xanthene dyes using spectrally resolved three-pulse photon echo spectroscopy — By Kumar, Ajitesh; Karthick Kumar, S. K.; Singhal, Sumit; Goswami, Debabrata

General Articles: ‘Species concept’ in microbial taxonomy and systematics — By Sharma, Rohit; Polkade, Ashish V.; Shouche, Yogesh S.

General Articles: Assessment of environmental flow requirements for hydropower projects in India — By Jain, Sharad K.

General Articles: National Agroforestry Policy in India: a low hanging fruit — By Chavan, S. B.; Keerthika, A.; Dhyani, S. K.; Handa, A. K.; Newaj, Ram; Rajarajan, K.

Journal information submitted by: Bhupender Singh

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