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Published by: Indian Academy of Sciences and Current Science Association

Subjects: General Science

The Current Science is a Science Journal cum Magazine started in 1932. It is published by Current Science Association in collaboration with the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore. The monthly issue of current science have articles related to all science disciplines and general views about science and scientific community/development. Views about current scientific developments are published in defferent sections viz. news, research news, opinions, correspondence, commentory and technical notes. Research articles are published as scientific correspondence, general articles, review articles, research accounts, research articles and research communications. Notes on latest books are published in Books review section.Time to time special issues of this journal are published which contains articles on a selected/particluar theme or subject area.


Current Science,
C.V. Raman Avenue,
P.B. 8001,
Bangalore 560 080,

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In this issue

Guest Editorial: Solar-DC: India towards energy independence — By Jhunjhunwala, Ashok

Correspondence: Coping with disability – suggestions to institutions — By Vijayan, M.

Correspondence: Shanghai rankings 2016: poor performance of Indian universities — By Virk, Hardev Singh

Correspondence: Measurement of background radiation — By Mohanty, R.

Correspondence: Response by — By Sengupta, Debashish

News: Science Last Fortnight

News: Physics training and talent search programme — By Kumar, Sushil; Aswal, D. K.

News: Technology Vision 2035 — By Sheth, Parul R.

Opinion: Air pollution linked to destruction of green belts in Delhi: a harsh reality — By Tripathi, Mayank

Commentary: Enabling holistic approach towards women’s health through Draft National Health Policy, 2015 — By Sangar, Sunita

Scientific Correspondence: Genetic fidelity studies in tissue culture raised plantlets of Himalayan poplar (Populus ciliata Wall.) — By Gaur, Ayesh; Aggarwal, Gaurav; Kumar, Pankaj; Srivastava, D. K.

Scientific Correspondence: Influence of flower colour and seasonality on plant invasion success — By Indhar Saidanyan, R.; Kamaladhasan, N.; Krishnankutty, N.; Chandrasekaran, S.

Scientific Correspondence: Automobile exhaust pollution: an imperceptible threat to sericulture in Kashmir, India — By Ahanger, Faroz Ahmad; Nazir, Ruqeya; Illahi, Irfan

Scientific Correspondence: Siderophores of haloalkaliphilic archaea from Lonar lake, Maharashtra, India — By Patil, Jaysing; Suryawanshi, Priyanka; Bajekal, Shyam

Technical Notes: A differential electrometer for vector electric field measurements on a balloon platform — By Jawahar, K.; Manu, S.; Gurubaran, S.

General Articles: Reflecting on the International Year of Light and light-based technologies — By Khan, Sameen Ahmed

General Articles: Food security indicators in India compared to similar countries — By Amarender Reddy, A.

Review Articles: Advanced trends in treatment of wounds — By Miranda, Oshin John; Srinivasan, Ganga

Journal information submitted by: Bhupender Singh

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