International Journal of Pharmacy Research and Science (IJPRSONLINE)

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Published by: IJPRSONLINE

Subjects: Pharmaceutical Science

The International Journal of Pharmacy research and Science (IJPRS ONLINE) is an international online journal in English publishing manuscript bimonthly. The aim of IJPRSONLINE is to publishing peer reviewed research and review articles rapidly without delay in the developing field of pharmaceutical and biological sciences. The purpose behind the journal publishing is to help students, researchers and scientist worldwide to benefit from the high quality peer reviewed research articles and to get current update in pharmaresearch and science. The Journal publishes reviews, research articles and short communications. The scope of the journal is to publish manuscripts relating to Pharmaceutical research and development Quality Assurance Pharmaceutical analysis Biotechnology Pharmacology & Pharmacognosy Genetics Life science Microbiology Medical Science Analysis Pharmaceutics Chemistry


ISSN No. :    2348-0882

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