International Journal of Bioassays

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Published by: ebioscholar

Subjects: Biology

International Journal of Bioassays (ISSN 2278-778X) is an electronic monthly journal published by e-bio scholar, which aims to publish, Rapid Communications, Short Notes, Letters to Editor, Review and Original Articles related with the potency determination, strength, biological activity of a substance such as a drug, derived molecules by comparing its effects with those of a standard preparation on a test organism. In addition to regular issues the Journal also publishes Special Issues, which are collections of reviews on a particular subject and are often associated with scientific meetings. The papers to be published will be reviewed by editorial board and reviewers. All manuscripts should be submitted via our online manuscript submission system. If you are unable to submit online please send the articles directly to the or


ISSN No. :    ISSN 2278-778X

Journal information submitted by: Editor In-Charge

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