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You can add details about scientific journal published from India. Before adding, make sure it is not already listed in Journals list.

Journal Category
Sub Category
Journal Name
Full name of the Journal
Name of the Society or agency publishing the journal
ISSN no. of the journal
Give complete details about Journal here
Contact Details
Editor in chief address or communication address for journal (include tel, fax, email id)
Journal Image
Upload image from computer or
Provide a link to image (include http:// )
Impact factor
Editorial Board
Web link to Editorial Board page of Journal
Table of content
Web link to Table of Content page of Journal
Email Alert
If email alert is provide by Journal, then provide a link to email subscription page
Link to Journal subscription page (hard copy or payment link)
Submit Article
Web link to Online Article submission
Authors Instructions
Link to 'Instruction for Authors' page
RSS feed link
Link to RSS feeds for journal articles
Feed Subscription
Link to RSS feeds subscription by email or feed reader
Submitted by
Name to be displayed Email id or link to profile
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