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Welcome to Indian Science Information section

Information about Indian Scientists, Scientific Organizations (bodies), Research Institute and Universities in India is included in this section of Indian Science.

Currently, there are 60 substantial articles and 9 uploaded files.

Help improve the SciInfo (wiki)

The IS INFO section (i.e. Indian Science Information (Wiki)) is a dynamic site that is always changing and looking to provide new information to the science community. If you are interested in improving this Info (Wiki), please login and add/edit or update the information about Scientists, science and research institutes and science awards on this section. You can browse the above links for the navigation of this Indian Science Information section. Any information that you add on this section or any assistance you can give working on these projects will go a long way towards realizing the vision of this site.

If you want to add/edit any information on this section, then please login and edt the pages. If you don't have userid/or not able to login, then contact using contact us link below. For help related to wiki pages editing, see How to Edit Indian Science Information

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