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Most common form to support the website is placing advertisement on All sections of IndianScience. This is another way to sponsorship. Banners are consistently displayed at the top of each page (468×60 banner size), right hand side (160×600 size) and at the bottom of the pages (728 x 90 size).
Banners should be one of these sizes 468×60, 160×600 and 728×90 and file could be in JPG, GIF, or animated GIF format.
For easy downloading on slower connections and better visibility, we ask you to keep the file sizes minimum (below 20KB preferably).

We can host your banner on our site but to facilitate the change in design/color of banners, we prefer a link to banners hosted on your servers.

Moreover, IndianScience is a science community and family oriented site, banners that are pornographic or adult themed in nature will not be displayed in any condition. We retain the right to approve or deny any advertising campaign.


The advertising compaigns are open to pricing based on time period or impressions (CPC).

In time-based sponsorship packages, your campaigns are run for a pre-determined length of time. We will send you detailed weekly/monthly report of your campaigns (banners). You can check details about campaign statistics any time from advertisers panel (we will provide you link, once you join for adverting on the site).

If you are interested in advertising your advertisement in different sizes at specific pages (other than mentioned above like 300 x 250, 200 x 150), please contact at
We also offer custom plans designed for the larger advertising campaigns you may be interested in running.

Thank you for your interest in supporting! If you have any questions, or if you are itching to get started, just get in touch with us at! Just send your banner size and link to banner (or image attached to email) at and we will set out campaign for you.

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