The Website was started officially on 28th February 2007 on National Science Day.

Who are we?


IndianScience.in can trace its roots all the way back to a Necessity (rather say a lacuna at that time) of a online platform for science peoples for efficient interaction and compilation of utilizable science information and resources.
With a aim to reach all the scholars and be beneficial for all through online science resources, the www.IndiaScience.in domain name was selected giving it touch of Science with emphasis on India.

It was on February, 28th, 2007, the website was launched with one Dynamic section i.e. Discussion forum (later named as SciForum) and other sections pages were static. There is contineous development and adding features rich sections one by one and it is being converted into database driven site and all previous static pages being translated into dynamic ones.


The IndianScience.in today is full of information about the research and science from India, discussion forum, latest updates, community for interaction, publication (journals, books), career information. Hope indianscience.in is fulfilling its obligation to be a information resources for science and research community and for everyone. All the members of IndianScience.in contribute information on different sections and contents developed are because of the efforts of forum members and community members (all together indianscience.in members). The members, in their free time, put their efforts together to help make IndianScience.in what it is today, and help IndianScience.in take strides into the future. Each part/section works together to help IndianScience.in grow and reach its full potential.

For a listing of People who are responsible for planning, managing, designing and development (the core team members), who have created together the latest release of IndianScience.in, see the team page.


IndianScience.in strives to get better and better. Continuously adding up new features to each section (with so many features each section is a complete site in itself).
In the future, you can expect IndianScience.in to be even more user-friendly, all developed sections offering you all resources through one place, and much more. Consider each day a beginning for IndianScience.in, expect the building blocks (sections) of IndiaScience.in and the community to be expanded, but to keep to the original goal: Simple, elegant, powerful, and all science resources/information at place.

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