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This IndianScience.in is a venture for development and growth of scientific knowledge and resources of science people. It is a platform for research and academic interaction and development in scientific fields. It is meant to bring the science research community and academician together and to provide information about various resources required for exploration of new ideas (research) and formulation of new concepts (academic).

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The science community - researchers and scientists network for information sharing.

Conferences, Symposium, workshop, scientific events, meetings for all the researchers, scientists, academicians, industrialist....... just browse the section.

Want to discuss anything related to science, modern science, ancient indian science, about your research topic, your science subject related problem or query, science education in India, how to make career in science, or you have enticing joke, story, cartoon or want to share your experiences with science people... then we have a discussion forum i.e. SciForum for you... where you can share anything with friends, colleagues that is tickling in your mind.

Want to share something or anything related to personal experience, science, about your research topic, science education in India, or your enticing thought, story, cartoon or want to share your experiences with science people... then have a blog for you... where you can share anything with friends, colleagues that is tickling in your mind.

Make a group of like minded scholars or start a group to collect the people from your subject area or form a social group for interaction, promotion and information sharing. See the groups already sharing the information here.

Collection of personal and public photographs by scientific people. Make a collection of photos here, share your moments of presentations and research activities and everything.

Collection of videos shared by IndianScience.in members. Beside core science video, collection include all short of videos that you may like like songs, movies and personal creations. Share yours here.

Online live discussions among members.

Collection of notes and commentaries by members. Share something or anything related to class notes, research notes, science, technical notes, about your research topic, or your commentary on any thing around you.

The Directory of current indian scientists with broad subject area and link to profile pages (personal pages), search based on subject area, sub-subject area, research institute and position - teacher, scientist, student.

Collection of abstract of theses (Ph.D.) by the members. Find the thesis from different subjects. See who has worked in which area. Ask a question or leave feedback on thesis. You can request for a full copy of the thesis from member. If you are Ph.D., then don't forget to add your thesis abstract here.

The important piece of research work done during the bachelors or masters degree (M.Sc., M.Tech., M. Phill, M.S., M.D., M.E.) by the students is available on this section. See if you can be benefited by/or want to refer someone's dissertation work. Also add yours dissertation if you ever had one.

News from scientific world and education arena. Members has shared their news on different topics. Do you have any news from your institute or science, then share it on this section. Keep visiting news section for the latest updates provided by members.

Make your profile page (personal page) with all details about profession as well as personal information. Find other members with similar interest and connect with them. It is for you to show your web-presence, want to have your personal profile... then login and create for yourself.


Information about Indian Scientists whose contribution has recognizable impact on Indian Science. You yourselve can update/add the information about any scientist from India.


A list of all science journals published from India is compiled in this section. Information about the various Journals from Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Agricultural Sciences, Medical Sciences, Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences and other science fields is provided. Coming soon:- you can purchase science books online.

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